About The Parker Hadley Corridor

This 3.6-mile route, called County Highway 1, runs from the Will County line on 167th Street along Hadley Road, Chicago Bloomington Trail, and South on Parker Road to U.S. Route 6.

While the entire Homer Glen area is well known for its is known for its countryside character, pristine woodlands, large lots, agriculture, and historic value, the Parker Hadley Corridor is an outstanding example of this.

We don’t want to give the impression that we are “anti-development”. We’re actually very much for development. But we want GOOD development. Let us tell you about the Parker Hadley Corridor, and invite you in, to see what we see and love about our area.

On this road alone, in addition to the existing small farms, 3 new farm businesses have opened in the last 2 years. Farm stands pop up, and neighbors sell at local farmers markets. Fresh fruit, eggs, meat, and vegetables are available throughout our corridor.

The air is clean, there is constant beauty of leaves changing colors on the tree lined roads, or covered in fresh snow in the winter. Red skies as the sun is rising and setting over long horizons.

And we are pro-speed reduction, and therefore pro-safety. We live on this road, we want it safe. but their proposed solution is more likely to increase speeds due to the wider lanes which give a sense of a large safety margin, which the “Green roads initiative” and the US Depart of Transportation Federal Highway Administration  has documented at length that wider lanes and roads increase speed. The deforestation of the property required to widen the lanes will also make it easy to spot any speed enforcement going on, inviting opportunistic speeding.